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The A to Z of Glock & Xylophone

The A to Z of Glock & Xylophone
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The A to Z of Glock & Xylophone
For the total beginer and intermediate player. Using key signatures and charts / scales. Use the easy to recogonise note board charts for each key signature , each chart is shadowed for the notes which are struck for its own key signature. individual key signature exercises / mini and full study's plus student practice and record sheets, This tutor book will also help with self preparation for sight reading for exams and auditions

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This book is extremely well written, easily followed and fills the long time void in the Glockenspiel tutor market.
For marching bands with Bell Lyres there has not been, until now, any written material for students to refer to and I can recommend this tutor to anyone who plays, or plans to play the glockenspiel.
It is especially valuable to the leaders of marching bands for information and instructional purposes.

John Ireland

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Digital Download - The A to Z of Glock & Xylophone
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The Session for Vibraphone or Xylophone

The Session for Vibraphone or Xylophone

The A to Z of Glock & Xylophone

The A to Z of Glock & Xylophone

Rhythm Clapping For The Classroom Crotchets Book1 Download

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